STump Grinding Services

man in the process of pruning a tree

If you need to have a stump removed, give us a call. Along with tree removal services, Montgomery Tree Removal Services offer stump grinding services to our clients. We can evaluate your stump and create a plan that works best for you. Stump removal is a quick and easy service that should only take a few hours at most. Our team of trained professionals utilizes the equipment required to quickly and safely grind stumps. Our team assures safety, quality, and customer satisfaction for all of our services.

close up of the process of grinding a stump

Work with the experts

Once you have had a tree removed, you will be left with the stump of the tree. Professional tree removal companies will advise you to grind the stump if conditions around the stump allow it. At Montgomery Tree Services, we offer stump removal services when we remove a tree because we know the benefits of having your stump removed professionally and the time it will save you in the future.

            Stump grinders are powerful machines that are rolled up to the stump and grind it into little pieces to make it easier to remove. Stump grinders chew at the stump wood left behind and takes the stump down to ground level or below ground level. Because this machine chews stump wood down to ground level or below, a stump grinder ensures that your tree won’t re-sprout and you are left with a lot of wood chips. If you choose to leave a stump in place, you may have re-growth that will need to be maintained. Although stump removal is not mandatory, you have to weight the pros and cons of keeping your stump. Do you want to look at a tree stump for years and deal with maintaining it’s growths? Additionally, these stumps can attract insects or fungal diseases that may spread throughout your yard. On the other hand, stumps can become a part of your garden design. Ultimately, the decision to remove a stump is yours, however you must weigh the pros and cons of keeping your stump.

So now you have decided you want to grind your stump. Should you do it by yourself or hire a trained professional?

Stump grinders are intended to be used by trained professionals, such as trained tree-care specialists. Stump grinding equipment is heavy and powerful and comes with the high chance of injury if used incorrectly. While stump grinders can be rented for personal use, it is highly recommended that you use a trained tree-professional for this project in order to minimize the risk of damage or injury. Additionally, machines rented out to untrained individuals are not as powerful and may not get the job done to your satisfaction. When using these stump grinders you must wear protective gear as well to shield yourself from flying debris and the noise. Ultimately, the safe and affordable solution is to hire a tree-service expert who can get the job done with their tools in a quick and safe manner. Let us remove the stress of grinding your tree stump so you can enjoy your yard.