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Are you in need of professional tree removal services in Montgomery? Our trained and experienced specialists are ready to help you with your tree removal, stump grinding, and pruning needs. We have experience removing trees of all sizes, species and health status. Montgomery Tree Removal Services has the equipment, experience, and expertise to remove any unwanted or problem tree in a safe and efficient manner so you can keep living your life while we get the job done right!

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While trees are great to have in your yard, having too many or damaged ones can become a hassle to maintaining your yard and might even become a potential safety threat. To avoid this, you should consider using a professional tree removal service. These trained professionals can evaluate your trees and create a safe plan to remove them or care for them. Having a trained professional perform these services instead of doing it yourself is beneficial in many ways. By choosing a professional trained service you will save time and money. At Montgomery Tree Removal Services our team has been doing these tree removal and care services for years. We have the trained professionals to complete the job efficiently and at an affordable price! Don’t worry about buying tools or equipment to get the job done, we own the tools and the equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time with no damage to your property so you don’t have to. Trained professionals are able to evaluate the client’s concerns and find a solution in no time. Whether you need a tree removed or need it pruned to keep it healthy, we can do the job. Hiring a professional will save you time, money from buying new equipment, and guarantee safety.

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Scheduling tree services

Now that you have decided to go with a tree removal service, it is time to find the company that works best with your needs and schedule. There are a lot of tree cutting services out there; but, how do you choose which one to go with? Here are some things you may want to consider before you make your choice:

  • Go with experience: The more experience the company has, the more likely they are to get the job done the right way.
  • Check the company’s qualifications: Find out how qualified they are to do the removal. After their evaluation ask what type of tools they use for their services and what techniques they will utilize to remove or care for your tree.
  • Check the reviews: Past customers are always willing to share their experiences to help others. Reviews can tell you a lot about the company you are working with. You can see what kind of jobs they preformed and how satisfied their customers were withthe job.
  • Ask about insurance: Insurance is an important factor to take into consideration when hiring tree removal services. While damage and injury are not a common occurance, insurance can help cover these damage and injury costs just in case something doesn’t go as planned.
  • The services they offer: Make sure the company has the services you need. For example, if you are having a tree removed, does the company also have the ability to remove or grind the stump? Otherwise, you may be left with unwanted tree parts. Be sure to know what you are wanting and what they can provide you.

Choosing A Tree REmoval company

Having a tree removed is a big job. It is important to choose a company that is reputable and safe to do the job for you. Montgomery Tree Removal Services is a professional tree service company located in Montgomery, Alabama and marks every box on the checklist above. Founded with a vision to provide reliable, efficient, and exceptional tree services, Montgomery Tree Removal Services was established in Montgomery to serve all commercial and residential clients in the area. Our experienced team guarantees the highest quality artistry in the arbor industry. We are a well-established small business with ample experience to handle any project, both small and large. Whatever service is needed, you can count on us to complete the job and exceed your expectations. Montgomery Tree Removal Services is equipped to handle any tree care services you may need from tree removal and stump grinding to pruning. Our experienced team is ready to tackle your tree needs and create a safe and good-looking landscape that you can enjoy during all seasons. Our comprehensive services include tree removal, stump grinding, and pruning. Our team is ready to work with you and get your yard looking and feeling the way you want it. We will evaluate your concerns and provide a safe and affordable remedy to tackle the issue. During our evaluation, we will assess your trees for:

  • Pruning
  • Disease
  • Insects and animal infestation
  • Deficiencies

working with us

At Montgomery Tree Removal Services, we are focused on our customer’s needs and satisfaction. Your home and property may be one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, so it is crucial to protect your home and invest in your trees for your safety and to keep a well-maintained yard. It only takes one storm and one tree to cause major damage to your home. Why choose Montgomery Tree Removal Services?


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Our team of trained professionals is ready to help you and will arrive on time and get the job done right the first time. At Montgomery Tree Removal Services, our work is always quality work and it is our combination of excellence and professionalism that will exceed our client’s expectations. We will listen to your concerns, perform an evaluation, then provide an estimate. We respond to every inquiry promptly and strive to provide exceptional tree services that are safe for your yard or home and your household or business. Get your tree services from trusted local professionals and contact Montgomery Tree Removal Services. We look forward to servicing all of your tree service needs.

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